U13A Hockey beat Strathallan

U13A Hockey beat Strathallan

A super end to the season!

U13 Hockey v

Won 2-1

A Thrilling Season Finale with Cargilfield vs Strathallan

The climax of the season unfolded in a breathtaking encounter between Cargilfield and Strathallan. Both teams had battled their way through the season and mostly come on top with a few set backs. As the last game of the season approached, the stakes were high. The girls were determined to conclude the season on a triumphant note, aiming to seize victory in a match that promised excitement and intensity.

From the opening whistle, Strathallan demonstrated their intent by penetrating Cargilfield's defense early on. However, a stellar save from Isla thwarted an early concession, setting the tone for a resilient defensive performance. As the game unfolded, Cargilfield pressed for the opening goal, and it eventually materialized with Athena seizing an opportunity from a shot that ricocheted off the post. The ball found its way into the net courtesy of Athena's decisive jab.

Lifted by our the lead, Cargilfield continued to assert their dominance. Emily's tenacity paid dividends when she intercepted the ball from a defender and unleashed a powerful shot into the bottom corner, extending the lead to 2-0. The first half showcased Cargilfield's offensive prowess and determination to control the game.

Entering the second half with a comfortable lead, Cargilfield faced challenges in maintaining their shape and control. Strathallan, eager to mount a comeback, applied pressure and managed to find the back of the net with a well-executed finish. The score now stood at 2-1, injecting a renewed sense of urgency into the match.

Despite losing some control, Cargilfield displayed resilience in keeping Strathallan at bay. Olivia, hailed as the Player of the Match, played a pivotal role in maintaining composure within the defensive unit. Isla helped by making some exceptional saves which proved instrumental in preserving Cargilfield's lead.

As the final minutes ticked away, Cargilfield exhibited effective ball management, denying Strathallan the opportunities needed to level the score. The team's collective effort and strategic play ensured they held on to the 2-1 lead until the final whistle.In reflection, the girls of can take immense pride in their season. Congratulations to the entire team on a remarkable season, culminating in a well-deserved triumph.

U13 vs Strathallan

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