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Where learning is an everyday adventure

Cargilfield is the oldest independent boarding and day Prep School in Scotland, for 300 girls and boys, aged 3-13 years.

Each child has an extensive range of opportunities to learn, explore and discover, so when they leave Cargilfield they do so with confident, lively minds, secure values and a sense of identity and community spirit that serves them well for their future lives.

What our parents say

It has a traditional approach and we love the flexi boarding. After our children have boarded a night they come back with a little more confidence, it’s almost like they are standing a little straighter and taller.
We like the small class sizes and the cosy feel. We also like the balance and fullness of our children’s lives. There is an expectation of quality in everything they do.
If Cargilfield went up to 18 my children would be staying.
Cargilfield provides a safe environment for my child to try new things.
Whatever their strengths Cargilfield picked it up, it’s not a one child school.
It would be very hard to find another school that does as much as Cargilfield.
The quality of Cargilfield really stands out, it’s a different level, more polished, more outward looking.
There is an expectation of behavior that is unsaid throughout the school and the children respond to it.
It has an understated charm.

Why choose a Prep School?

As a Prep School, Cargilfield offers your child a chance to reap the benefits of a purpose-built environment and ultimately flourish as one of the oldest children in the school with positions of responsibility and significance. Cargilfield prepares girls and boys for the leading independent schools across Edinburgh, Scotland and the whole of the United Kingdom and has no tie to any particular senior school. One of the Headmaster’s key roles is to guide parents towards a school that will best suit their children.