Boarding at Cargilfield

Flexible options to suit everyone: we off flexi and weekly boarding, whilst the weekend programme is open to all, often involving specific year groups who come in on a weekend for two days of action packed fun.




Cargilfield has strong culture of boarding but one that is designed to suit modern families. Many of our children may be going on to schools further afield and so the chance to gain some experience of boarding in a cosier and well-known environment is important. Nonetheless, there will be other Cargilfield children who just want to try the experience, who are drawn in by the chance of joining in with the range of activities and who will benefit from the opportunity to develop a little more confidence and independence as part of the boarding community.



We have a range of evening clubs and activities to suit every taste and our boarding community is supported by a team of experienced and committed staff who, along with the Headmaster and his wife, aim to create the sense of ‘a home away from home’. Routine and camaraderie are two keywords that make the boarding experience a successful one but there are also special experiences and evenings from time to time as well as at the end of term for us all to look forward to.


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Weekends at Cargilfield are an opportunity for day children (and boarders) to come and experience the excitement of the boarding lifestyle without quite the same need for routine and the opportunity for more trips and time to have the run of the School campus and all of its facilities. Some of these weekends will be aimed at specific year groups: perhaps a camp or a weekend based at School while others are for all year groups from Form 4 to Form 8. We even have two weekends a year aimed at P3 children to allow them to have their first boarding experiences. Although boarding isn’t compulsory at Cargilfield, we hope that all children will have had some experience of this before they leave and have enjoyed some of the boarding weekends on offer.


Please click here to find out about all the exciting things which take place at the weekends at Cargilfield.


Boarding can start with just a taster evening and might develop to one or even two evenings per week, particularly if there’s a particular club you enjoy or there’s an evening when some of your friends like to stay in. Many children will then extend the number of those evenings until they are weekly boarding, four or five nights per week.


This suits families who live in the city centre but also those a little further away with a significant number of boarders coming from Fife, the Borders and some others from further afield. Indeed, we even have a few children who join us from across Europe which adds a more cosmopolitan feel to the School. Flexibility is the key but the School is so busy in an evening right through until 8.15pm that no-one will ever feel left out.