About Cargilfield

Founded in 1873, Cargilfield is Scotland's oldest independent boarding and day prep school for boys and girls aged 3-13 years.

Cargilfield is the oldest independent boarding and day prep school in Scotland, for more than 300 boys and girls, aged 3-13 years. Each child has an extensive range of opportunities to learn, explore and discover before they leave Cargilfield to join leading senior schools across the UK. Children leave with confident, lively minds, secure values and a sense of identity and community spirit that serves them well for their future lives. We achieve this by delivering a broad and challenging education in a supportive and caring family-led environment.

Prep school ought to be the happiest times: building friendships – some of which will last a lifetime; building special experiences and memories; building resilience, growing confidence and establishing values. We give children the confidence to enjoy future challenges and opportunities; building a sense of identity and belonging that means children are proud to have been at Cargilfield.

Cargilfield provides a challenging educational environment backed up by excellent pastoral care. We aim to stretch and nurture our children whilst always aiming to provide the highest teaching standards in appropriately-sized classes. We strive to allow every child to make the most of their abilities whether in the classroom, on the games field or in the theatre or concert hall.

In the classroom, we go well beyond the conventional curriculum expectations for 13+ working towards Common Entrance and Scholarships through good teaching, small class sizes and an attitude that allows us to support a broad range of abilities while at the same time being academically ambitious.

Cargilfield is a family school, with boarding at the heart of what we offer; an extension of our family and a place where children are valued members of the community and secure in their place in that community. We cater for varied interests and abilities in order that each child can develop their skills and talents, aiming high in every aspect of school life, as they prepare for the next stage in their journey towards a senior school that best suits their abilities.