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Upper School

Upper School

Forms 4 –8

Children are taught in the main school building. There are five year groups in theUpperSchool.  Each year group has two or three classes with a average of fifteen pupils per class.

We are the oldest Prep School in Scotland and have a superb blend of traditional education with modern facilities, techniques and warm family feel to our daily life here.  Cargilfield has an exceptional academic record and we prepare boys and girls for senior schools throughout the United Kingdom. Our pupils receive scholarships to all the top schools both in Scotland and England, 27 scholarships were awarded in the Summer term of 2012 alone.

With class sizes around the 14 mark and with the school not wanting to get any bigger it is certainly the case that all the children are well known to the staff as individuals. The staff are keen to ensure that all pupils thrive and are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve this.

At this age range it is vital that we try and get our pupils to experience as many activities as possible. It is about opening as many doors as we can – for we never know what strengths each pupil has. For this reason we have over 70 clubs and activities on offer over the year, and we encourage pupils to try new things.

We are keen that sporting opportunity is for all pupils here. The concept of pulling on the school strip and representing the school, winning or losing with grace, and acting in a dignified manner is crucial for all pupils. At the top end we are keen to develop and stretch our pupils with our coaching staff and their international experience.

We see ourselves as a school that tries to ignite enthusiasm and build confidence. We hope that every child will find something that they are good at, and subsequently feel good about themselves, so that the next step is one they are comfortable about and ready for.