In Pre-prep developing a lifelong love of learning and a thirst for knowledge in our girls and boys is our ultimate goal.

We offer a broad and balanced academic experience based on the Curriculum for Excellence. However, at Cargilfield we believe the basics still matter and so retain a focus on Literacy and Numeracy at this stage. The majority of the rest of the curriculum is delivered through a programme of carefully chosen topics.

Specialist teaching is provided in PE, Music, French, Scottish Country Dancing and, from Primary 3, Art. Small classes and a flexible approach to learning and teaching ensures that individual needs and different learning styles are catered for which guarantees girls and boys the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Throughout their time at Cargilfield, children are encouraged to borrow books with time set aside every day for personal reading. Cargilfield’s Inspection Report 2023 highlighted the successful reading culture that exists at Cargilfield. The Benbow Library in the Pre Prep is well stocked with picture books, fiction and non-fiction books. Every child in Pre-prep visits the library once a week to meet with the school librarian, learn about different books and authors and choose new books.


Curriculum Overviews - Spring Term 2023

This term’s Pre-Prep curriculum summaries can be found below.

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