Cargilfield pupils demonstrate their prowess in a multitude of sports, showcasing their skills at various levels including the regional competition “The Saltires” and national competitions.

Our pupils excel in a range of sports, including Rugby, Hockey, Netball, and Cricket, earning them representative honours every year. It’s worth noting that both boys and girls have been selected for regional and national teams and squads, further highlighting their talent.


Cargilfield takes great pride in its all-round sporting excellence for both girls and boys. Every afternoon, children have the chance to participate in games, while the school’s teams play against other schools on a weekly basis at every level. This presents an excellent platform for the children to showcase their talent, represent their school and compete in matches.

With consistent participation in the National Hockey finals, Cargilfield’s teams have established themselves as strong contenders. Additionally, children from the school have also won medals in various sporting disciplines such as fencing, judo and climbing at both regional and national levels competitions.

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Each year, teams for netball, rugby, hockey, and cricket embark on a journey to England, affording our boys and girls the opportunity to compete in national competitions and play against schools not on our regular circuit.

Every day, children engage in games and are provided with the chance to play at their individual level, whether it be for recreational purposes or at a higher level of expertise.

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Cargilfield receives outstanding Inspection Report by Education Scotland!

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