About Cargilfield

We pride ourselves on high standards of teaching and a coherent programme of learning from Nursery through to Form 8. This is perhaps best measured by the outcomes for our pupils.

In the classroom, we aim to take our children well beyond the conventional curriculum expectations for 13+, through a coherent programme of learning from the Nursery and early years towards success in Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations in Form 8.

We prepare girls and boys for senior schools all over the country, offering parents the choice of the very best schools in Edinburgh, across Scotland and the United Kingdom. Do look at the future school destinations of our Leavers when they move on at 13+.

There are a broad range of abilities at Cargilfield but a combination of excellent teaching, high expectations and small class sizes (up to 18 children) helps to explain our results.

Cargilfield is a family school, with boarding at the heart of what we offer; an extension of our family home and a place where children are valued members of the community and secure of their place in that community.

We play sport every day and creative activities such as music, drama, art and design are an important part of our curriculum. We also offer over 50 clubs that take place during the term, either during the day, the evening or on boarding weekends. Whether it be cooking or jewellery making, climbing or archery, skiing or fencing, debating or dance, your child will find something to enjoy at Cargilfield and develop interests for their future education and the rest of their lives.

Destination of our leavers
About Cargilfield

About Cargilfield

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