Upper School

Upon completing P3, children in the Pre-Prep section progress seamlessly into Form 4 of the Upper School. However, enrollment in the school is possible for children up to Form 7, regardless of their age or background.

Upper School

Here, they experience extended school days with games every afternoon followed by the much anticipated baps being served in the Cow Shed as well as a long 50-minutes morning break where children can pursue their own interests or just play in the extensive school grounds.

Beyond academic lessons, children are able to take part in a wide variety of extra curricular evening clubs which are available each day until 7.30pm, providing opportunities for musical groups, stage performance and debates, they play in sports teams, and may even experience a night boarding at school and even a weekend here, which is full of fun and adventure.

Our Upper School pupils will not have homework to complete after a full day of learning and adventure. This decision is rooted in our belief that spending quality time with family takes precedence when they return home.

Learning really is an everyday adventure in the Upper School, and through a close collaboration with parents, the Headmaster will be able to advise on the next step for every child when they reach Form 8, aged 13, ready to move on to the very best schools throughout the United Kingdom.

Upper School Handbook

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