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Welcome to the website page for our former pupils and their families, and indeed for former members of staff, governors or anyone who has a connection to Cargilfield.

We celebrated our 150th anniversary throughout 2023 with a series of events to reconnect with our former pupils, parents and friends of Cargilfield, so we are more aware than ever of the importance of maintaining links with everyone who has helped to make Cargilfield the outstanding school it is today. One of the reasons that Cargilfield continues to thrive is that we are continually changing and adapting to best serve our community. This means that we are a very different school today to the Cargilfield that celebrated its centenary in 1973. We are now a co-ed day and boarding school for about 300 children aged 3-13 - but whilst some things change, we still believe and adhere to the founding values as expressed by Charles Darnell in 1873: “a liberal education, teaching the merits of hard work and honesty under conditions of happiness and well-being.”

We are keen to stay in touch with all those who have been part of our history – both recently and further back - and recognise that it is not just pupils who valued their time as part of our community. If you haven’t already done so, please do complete the form below (as this is the easiest way for us to get in touch without compromising the principles of GDPR).

We would like to hear your memories of Cargilfield and what has happened to you since you left and to help you maintain friendships from your time here. Please remember that you are also always welcome to drop in and say hello.

Rob Taylor

Headmaster, 2004 - present

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The Cargilfield Association is the official body representing former pupils and former parents.

We are keen to build up our contact list of former pupils and former parents, so please give us your details by completing the form below.

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