U11A Rounders v Fettes

An exciting draw in the sunshine!

Drew 12-12

This was a nail biting game! Due to the rain before the match the ground was quite slippy so it was agreed that no-one could be stumped out at first base. We were batting to start the first innings. Despite the breeze and threat of rain, Rosanna bowled smoothly throughout the match. The girls made excellent contact with the ball, with Saphira scoring our first full rounder. However, Fettes catching skills were top notch, which meant quite a few of the girls were stumped out as our batting continued. We started to bat high balls too, which gave Fettes the chance to catch us out. Issy and Saphira worked well together, with Saphira on second base, to stump some Fettes girls too.

There was some panic throwing by the girls, which meant that Fettes gained rounders easily. The first innings ended 6 and half for each team. In the second innings Flora hit some excellent balls, gaining our only full rounder. Laura and Hannah worked incredibly hard on third and fourth base to stop Fettes scoring full rounders. Catherine and Emma worked well fielding deep, helping to secure stumping Fettes girls out. All the girls showed excellent communication today too. The girls need to work hard on using their long barrier to block balls and catching accurately instead of scrambling for the ball. A good effort girls and the draw definitely reflected the equal abilities in the teams.

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