2nd Girls play valiantly in defeat!

A very hot afternoon in Melrose!

This was an absolute scorcher of a day to be playing our final fixtures. When we reached Melrose it was 32 degrees and it is fair to say that the red heads amongst us were definitely wilting. However in our first match against Loretto we put up a good fight. Our batting was tremendous and much more consistent than it has been for most of the season. Issy was our top scorer with 3 1/2 and Amy, Flora and Sophia all playing well. Flora took a brilliant catch off the first ball to put out a powerful Loretto batter but I think after that the heat was a little bit much for us. Our fielding was not too great around second which allowed the opposition to pick up lots of half rounders.

Cargilfield 6, Loretto 9

St Mary’s had some really good batters who again managed to exploit our weakness around 2nd base despite some amazing fielding from Issy in the Deep and Flora on first. They ended their batting with an impressive 13 rounders. We pulled it back a bit and again our batting was very good. Issy was excellent again as was Martha, Amy S and Clemmie.

Cargilfield 9, St Mary’s 13

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