U9As score lots of goals!

Exciting first game of the season

Fettes won the toss to start, this our first competitive fixture, and we enjoyed a very close competitive game. Cargilfield dominated the first third, scoring five goals, one from Emilia, one from Nadia, one own goal and two from Savannah. I was very pleased to see the girls spreading out and thinking carefully of the passes they needed to make. The second third was much tighter and our girls flagged a little. Fettes girls swopped positions and seemed much stronger, scoring some fine goals. 

At the end of the second third the score had narrowed and the game was much closer. Fettes had several good attempts on goal and Valentina and Bonnie worked hard in defence. In the last third a goal from Savannah was disallowed as she lifted the ball. Fettes scored two further goals but Savannah came back to score a final goal, resulting in a win for Cargilfield. I had asked the girls to play their best ever hockey in the last ten minutes and they did just that with some lovely run ins and accurate passing from Isla, Nadia, Emilia and Savannah. Final score Cargilfield 7 Fettes 5

Some skills to work on but a super first competitive fixture. Well done!

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