P2 head in to Space!

P2 head in to Space!

Beam us up, Scotty!

P2 goes into space!

Not every day you come into school to find your classroom cordoned off with ‘spacesuit required’ warning signs! This is what greeted P2 this morning as they came in and discovered, to their delight, that an entire space ship had appeared in their classroom overnight! Complete with lounging area, kitchen, laboratory and viewing platform the P2s spent the morning being put through their paces, trying various tasks that astronauts would experience on a journey through space.

This started with a tricky challenge of using our ‘space gloves’. Not the easiest of equipment we realised as we tried to construct our best model rocket out of wooden bricks without knocking it back down! Next, we gazed out our viewing platform pensively at some star constellations and created the pretty patterns we saw with chalks. Then we took on the fiddly task of creating a chain to attach ourselves to for a spacewalk. We stuck at this with determination and created some impressively long chains! We even got to try some dehydrated astronaut food! There were very mixed opinions as we nibbled some breakfast ‘rice’, rather dry ‘bread’ for lunch and dehydrated ‘beef’ for dinner. Some of us realised we really couldn’t be fussy eaters if we were to be astronauts one day!

Whilst there was much fun to be had we came to the conclusion that life must be quite a challenge being an astronaut! That being said, I think we’ve encouraged an entire year group of budding astronauts in one morning! Beam us up Scotty!

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