P2 head off in to Space!

P2 head off in to Space!

Lots of discovery and excitement!

There was much excitement in P2 this week as we were put through our paces trying the various tasks that astronauts might have to perform living on board the International Space Station. We started with the tricky challenge of using our ‘space gloves’. Not the easiest of equipment we realised as we tried to construct a launch tower with bricks without knocking it down. Trickier still was trying to repair some equipment that had been damaged by a collision with a satellite –– not an easy task fitting bolts and nuts with a screwdriver when wearing thick, padded space gloves, and looking through a dark visor at the same time! 

Luckily we had Mission Control back on Earth giving us instructions and we managed to get the job done. Finally we had the fiddly task of creating a chain to attach ourselves to for a spacewalk. We stuck at this with determination and created some impressively long chains! Whilst there was much fun to be had we came to the conclusion that life must be quite challenging for an astronaut! That being said, I think it’s safe to say that we have a fair few budding astronauts in the making!

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