P2 make their own e-books!

P2 make their own e-books!

Some super story writing!

Last week was rather eventful in P2 with the invasion of our scaly friend. Thankfully everything appeared back to normal this week, but that hasn’t stopped us talking about all the things the dinosaur did to our classroom. What if he sneaked into other areas of the school? What chaos might it cause?  

Inspired by “There’s a dinosaur in our school” by Tinothy Knapman, we have written our own version of this funny story and have added some hilarious touches to the original storyline. We had a brachiosaurus squirting paint on the walls in the Art room, a triceratops popping a football in the sports hall with its horns, and a tyrannosaurus stomping its heavy feet on one of Dr Alsop’s drums and breaking its skin. I don’t think the teachers were very pleased!  

Spurred on by the success of this inspired story writing we decided to type up our stories into e-books using our newly acquired book creator skills.  We took turns dictating and typing out our dinosaur stories, and had fun changing the size, colour and style of the text. We did our own illustrations and took photographs of the various scenarios that were in keeping with our storylines. We enjoyed choosing different backgrounds, and even inserted our own dinosaur-themed emojis.  

Please check out our first publication.  It will be reaching your nearest bookstore soon!  




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