2nd and 3rd Netball lose to St Mary's

2nd and 3rd Netball lose to St Mary's

Two close encounters in the Borders!

We had a great start to 2nd and 3rds netball this afternoon. The 2nds played first with Clemmie as captain. We dominated the first quarter and scored an early goal. St Marys were slow to get going which we exploited well with some excellent from our defenders led by Caitlin at GD. In the second and third quarters St Mary's matched us goal for goal. Their marking was tight and they kept us on our toes. Issy worked well and Laura was a fiesty WA. Clemmie kept a calm head under pressure from an impressive GK. Saphira also shot well. Going into the final quarter we were 8 goals apiece. However. We just couldn’t hold it together at the end and St Marys steamed ahead.

Final score Cargilfield 10 St Mary's 15

The 3rds also had a super game and were very evenly matched. Evie was a brilliant captain and kept her teams spirits up in the cold. Again, we matched each other goal for goal. Evie, Rose and Emma scored 12 goals between them and going into the last quarter we were one goal ahead. However St Mary's fought back with 3 goals.

Final score Cargilfield 12 St Mary's 15

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