U9B Girls draw with Fettes

U9B Girls draw with Fettes

Great fun and lots learned

The girls were very excited to play in their first matches. To make the occasion a lot of fun and to help the girls learn new skills and play as a team we divided both sets of girls into 3 mixed teams.

Blue and Green played first. This was a very evenly matched game with great work on the wing from Aglya. Beatrice was strong in defence and Millie also made a fantastic effort on the wing with some lovely hard passes. 

Final score 1 goal each

Blue and Yellow played next. Some of the blues were feeling a little tired after the first game but again worked really hard. There was some fantastic defending work with Emilia for the Yellows running her socks off.

Final score 2 all

In the final match of Yellow V Green Gabriella was in the middle and took a couple of fantastic shots at goal. She worked hard marking her player and was accurate in her passes. Aglya was good in defence for the Greens and Emilia again showed amazing pitch coverage for the Yellows.

Final score 1 all

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