Lots of tries from the U11As at Dollar

Lots of tries from the U11As at Dollar

Great to see lots of teamwork on show

We played some really good rugby today, notable for better team work and positional play. We looked like a proper team at times today, keeping our shape and trusting our teammates to perform their tasks. We showed patience, aggression and good decision making. 

It was good to see supporting runners when a line break was made and there were some amazing off-loads. 

At 5-3 at half time, it shows how much we improved in the second half, really gelling as a team. Although this was a real team performance, there were some terrific individual displays, too. Alexander led with heart and grit, Cody won lots of ball and Tom made some darting runs and textbook tackles. All the boys tackled well today but man of the match goes to Thabo who stood out for some solid hits in the tackle area and some clever running angles.  Final score 17-4.

Still plenty to work on but a really impressive and encouraging game of rugby today. Well played, boys.

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