1stXV beat Belhaven

1stXV beat Belhaven

A glorious afternoon for Rugby

1stXV  46   Belhaven  7

A very comfortable victory on what was a gloriously sunny afternoon over in Dunbar – absolutely picture postcard weather and it is always nice to meet our friends from Belhaven!

A few changes this week: in came Jaimie and Seb for their first starts of the term, and Joshua moved in to the front row with Hugo away in France.  In addition, Edward was out due to a sore shoulder, so opportunities for others to step up.

I don't know why, but today was just one of those games, and we never quite had the accuracy or played with the intensity and fluency that we had against Fettes and Dollar, or at the sevens at the weekend.  It could have been the changes to the line up disrupted things, it could have been the fact that we had convincingly beaten Belhaven in the semi final on Sunday, or it could have been that we were playing with an old slippery size 3 ball…..who knows!

Anyway, we scored 7 tries, and to be fair, our second half performance was much more in keeping with how we performed in the first two games, getting the ball wide and exploiting the space and the speed of out outside backs; Glen, Fergus and Quin, and Ollie when he came on, enjoyed the space that quick ball provided and we scored some excellent team tries after the break.  The forwards were excellent throughout, with Mr Pounder, the referee, commenting about our prowess at the breakdown, be that jackling, or the quick ruck ball that we produced; it was good to see the forwards hitting rucks hard and the Belhaven boys were unable to cope with this aspect of our game.  It is something we are renowned for, and quick ball gives the backs space, which we eventually used to our advantage!

I am not going to mention the first half. We were asleep, we were not accurate, and definitely lacked that sharpness that we showed last week.  That said, it is a sign of a good side that they can have a poor half and then turn it around, so hats off to you all for being much more clinical, and lots of excellent team tries were run in.

Next week we welcome St Mary’s to Cargilfield, and then Ardvreck before we start half term.  Both of these games will give us a chance to focus on giving the ball a bit more width more often – although the holes we punched up the middle were very effective – so that our back three can exploit the space.  After half term, many challenges await….I cannot wait!  Well played though, boys: when we get it right, it really is good to watch.

On we go.

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