Inspection Reports

Don’t take our word for it

Government HMIE inspections for both teaching and pastoral care have passed the school at the highest level. Head teachers from various senior schools also speak very highly of Cargilfield and in particular about the children at the school.

Don’t take our word for it, whilst this website gives you our view of Cargilfield’s strengths and attributes, there are a number of sources of entirely independent advice and opinions that parents can seek when selecting a school for their child.

Government Inspections

Both the Scottish Government HMIE (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education) and the Care Inspectorate have a duty to check all educational establishments in Scotland on a regular basis. These inspections and reports are both rigorous and independent and they provide parents with an ideal benchmark as to the quality of education and care their children receive at Cargilfield. The latest inspection team identified the following key strengths at Cargilfield:

Government Inspections
  • A positive climate and welcoming environment in which pupils feel safe and secure.
  • Happy, confident and mature pupils who identified strongly with the boarding house and with the school.
  • Hardworking staff who were committed to the care and welfare of the children
  • Good practice in many areas such as health and safety which is underpinned by sound policies and effective communication procedures
  • The strong leadership provided by the Headmaster and his management team; the development of teamwork, the quality of learning, teaching and attainment
  • Making sure that children participate in assessing and improving the quality of care and support.