U11As play some terrific Rounders.

A close win at St Mary's!

Won 18-16/5

It was a perfect day for a game of rounders at St Mary’s. The sun started to shine as soon as the girls got off the bus. It was a nail biting game. Flora, as captain, fed the team with words of encouragement from the start. Cargilfield started the first innings fielding. The girls used their new tactic of passing to the bowler to stop rounders being scored. Katinka, as backstop, passed the ball smoothly to Rosanna to stop several full rounders being scored. St.Mary’s made excellent contact with the ball and scored a total of 9.5 rounders in the first innings. Cargilfield followed by batting confidently but needed to hit the ball wide to score more full rounders. Laura, Flora, Emma and Catherine scored full rounders using their judgement wisely to keep running around the pitch. Cargilfield finished the first innings with 9 rounders.

In the second innings Catherine and Alannah fielded deeper to prepare to catch St.Mary’s big hits. Catherine used the long barrier a few times which helped stop the ball. Alongside Alannah’s strong throwing the girls managed to stop St.Mary’s scoring full rounders. Flora and Rosanna worked brilliantly together to stop some half rounders and stumping a few girls out. Hannah made a cracking catch when a high ball was hit. Hannah, Emma and Flora scored full rounders, mixed with the others scoring half rounders, the girls left with a win of 18-16.5. A real team effort and listening well during training. Excellent effort girls.

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