A festival of U9 girls' hockey!

Great to see all the U9 girls playing!

Fettes brought two teams of six girls to play against our A, B and C teams. Our A team played first on the small astro and Izzy made a very strong new A team player. She and Lucy worked very hard to get the balls into the D along with Maddie supplying the ball from midfield. Savannah was able to benefit from this and scored two goals, one from a first touch by Izzy. We needed to put pressure on Fettes as Eloise in particular was very strong in defence. Maddie was penalised for lifting the ball but often we were able to win the ball back by having our sticks down in front of the Fettes players. Amalia was very strong for our defence so she stayed on for the second half. She was particularly good at coming out to tackle and then getting the ball moving wide. Esme came on in the second half and scored a goal pretty quickly. We were passing the ball very well. Savannah and Izzy scored again bringing the final score to Cargilfield 5 Fettes 0.

The B team came on to play next and were taken aback by a very quick Fettes goal from Jeminah. I think we were suffering from the cold and it took us a while to warm up and play as well as we are able to. Fettes caught us napping and then poor Lyla scored an own gaol. However it happens to lots of people at some point in their hockey career and I was very impressed at how well she was able to put it behind her. She pushed several balls wide to prevent further goals. We were much more with it in the second half and I was delighted at the quality of our passing play. I moved Dulcie up into midfield and Rowan back to defend and it seemed to work very well. Bea and Isabella worked well together passing the ball well, Athena was also strong on the ball. Bea scored two fine goals to even the match. I was delighted at how well the B team had fought back after a difficult first half. Very well done, girls! 

Final score Cargilfield 2 Fettes 2.

The C team played in the sports hall and narrowly lost to the Fettes B team. 

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