2nd Rounders v Fettes

So close, yet s far!

We won the toss and elected to field first. We started very strongly stumping the first batter at 2nd and then catching the next two batters out. (Well done Flora and Hannah). Fettes then stepped up their game but did not score until ball 14 almost half way through the over with a super hit into the Deep. Perhaps we were a bit complacent after super start and we slipped a bit and allowed Fettes to reach an acceptable total of 5 ½. Saphira, our Captain, was up first to bat and immediately took a rounder with powerful hit into the Deep off third. This took Fettes a bit unawares. Hannah followed with a half as did Caitlin and Bethany. We ended the innings with a superb rounder from Hannah bringing us to a total of 6 and just ahead of Fettes.

In the 2nd innings we made a few mistakes with our fielding allowing Fettes to score several sneaky halves at 2nd base. We need to focus on limiting the opposition scoring here rather than stumping at third. However, our batting was brilliant and the strongest it has been so far this season. Saphira was awesome with 4 rounders bringing her individual total to 5 for the match. Hannah scored one and a half and as did Laura and Cailtin one.

It was an exciting game and a superb effort but our team.

Final score Cargilfield 14, Fettes 12

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