A few ramblings from the History Room

The end of another busy year is around the corner!

“Miss D, Miss D I really need to ask you something! It has been worrying me for the last two days!!!!”

Given that the speaker was a rather excited young chap with a penchant for sailing quite close to the wind, I stopped in my tracks to listen to him.

“I need to know…. Are Einstein and Frankenstein brothers?”

“No they definitely are not.”

“Are you sure? One is Ein Stein and one is Frank N Stein.”

“Yes, I am one hundred percent sure they are not brothers.”

“Oh ok that’s it. I’m fine now,” and off he shot seemingly quite happy.

Anyone who works in a school like ours can probably give you several similar examples. It’s one of the joys of teaching. You never quite know what is going to come at you next. Cargilfield is an amazing place. The children, the staff and the environment all have their place to play in this. We are a community and we come together to support each other when we need to. Yes it can get a bit claustrophobic at times as you feel sometimes that you live and breathe the place but it’s pretty cool to see everyone mucking in with the Summer Fair, or two Deputy Heads and the Head lying on the floor painting boards for an Art show, or trudging over the hills en masse in July (not that I am a particularly enthusiastic participant in that, I have to admit.)

We are now almost at the end of another year and I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time with the form 8’s. They are a fantastic bunch, some of them have been here for more than 10 years and can’t really remember life without Cargilfield. Like every year, we will miss them when they have gone but know that for the most part they are really excited (and apprehensive) about this transition and life in the wider world.

When I was asked by Mr Taylor to write something I thought I would ask the form 8’s for some of their favourite moments and experiences. A taste of our lives from those who have lived it.

“At form 8 camp it was our turn to cook, Mrs M was putting in the spice but it was super-concentrated and she added three quarters of a pot! Even when we added 10 cartons of cream it was still too hot to eat and some of us went bright red when we tried it.”

“When M tried to jump out of a kayak on the canal at Ratho to look cool and fell in face first.”

“Fish and Chip Friday. It’s legendary!”

“Playing poker with Mr P on Thursday night boarding.”

“Rugby Tour against Sedbergh was one of my best moments. It was really fun and amazingly muddy. They still smashed us.”

“Sharing a room on Hockey Tour and inventing a chant to remember our room number.”

Maths Trip to London when C tried to make coffee and made us all late for the Maths Challenge.”

“Mr T telling us to keep our wits about us and then getting on the tube the wrong way on our London trip.”

“When we made a spoof of the 12 Labours of Hercules and filmed it around the school. R made an amazingly realistic Mr W and F was a convincing centaur.”

“Our choir tour was amazing, we loved it, especially when Mr T screamed coming down the drop slide at Wet and Wild.”

Another one to finish with. This afternoon, I was looking for a member of staff to talk about a non-urgent pastoral issue. I asked her if she was available just now to talk it through. Her response,

“Yes, no problem but I’m just off to be an iceberg. I’ll be with you in an hour or so.”


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