Brilliant STEM workshop!

Brilliant STEM workshop!

Science, Technology and Maths to the fore!

“By 2022 the UK will be short of 2 million engineers.” That’s what our Form 7s and 8s were told this morning by Mr John Patchett, a very experienced former engineer, turned STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) teacher and now lecturer with the Sea Cadets Marine Engineering Pathway.

John came to Cargilfield to deliver a workshop on buoyancy to the girls and boys and began with asking the children about different types of engineers. They were then asked to draw any object they could think of and this opened up a discussion on what type of engineers might have been involved in the design/manufacturing of that object.

Moving on to how engineers have helped solve problems and shape the world, they looked at the design of oil tankards and the children were set a task of trying to float as many marbles as they could in a large tub of water, using only paper, tape and tin foil. In their teams, they raced against the clock to design and build their own ‘tankard’ using the knowledge they had gained in the lecture. The children had great fun counting the number of marbles their team’s vessel could support on the water as Mr Patchett walked round collecting the results.

Our thanks to Mr Patchett for coming in and giving all 83 children such an interesting talk and hopefully inspiring some of them to become the engineers we are so desperately going to need in the future!

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