P2 visit Craigmillar Castle

P2 visit Craigmillar Castle

A fantastic trip exploring the past!


This week P2 had our exciting trip to Craigmillar Castle. On our arrival we were met by two groups of P7 children from Castle View Primary School. One group were the ‘object handlers’ who  shared their expert knowledge of what life was like for the Preston family who lived in the castle in the1600s, and showed us some of the artefacts used by them.  The other group comprised Lord Simon Preston himself and members of his household. They took us on a wonderful tour around the castle starting at the ‘yett’ with the ‘murder holes’ up above, and then into the splendid banqueting hall.   We were led up winding staircases to the roof of the keep where we viewed the ‘p’ pond, and then stepped down into the depths of the castle where we were crammed into a dark, damp dungeon along with a prisoner incarcerated for stealing some bread. We were intrigued by the discovery of a skeleton hidden in the walls, and by the signing of the Craigmillar Bond by nobles intent on getting rid of Lord Darnley. Was Mary Queen of Scots in earshot of the plotting, we asked ourselves? We then climbed onto the ramparts, and pretended the castle was under attack. We fired arrows through the crenels and poured hot sand onto the enemies below trying to scale the castle walls. A thrilling day, and our thanks to the Junior Tour Guides who helped to bring Craigmillar Castle alive and who royally entertained us all!



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