The Romans are coming!

The Romans are coming!

A wonderful day of active learning!

On Monday, P3 dressed up in their Ancient Roman costumes and came to school for Roman Day.  The day started with a march past, for Emperor Taylor, in the armour and shields the children have made this term. We then worked in groups to act out ‘The Legend of Rome’.  The children performed in the amphitheatre outside the pre-prep and did a fantastic job of re-telling the story of Romulus and Remus to their friends in the audience.

Next up was chariot racing at the Hippodrome (otherwise known as the pre-prep Astro) where the children worked in pairs, as charioteer and horse, to complete seven laps of the track!! Each pair was timed and medals awarded to the victorious pair from each class. Then we all went to P.E with Mrs MacKenzie where we practised our Roman marching , pulled “boulders “ to build Roman roads then built Roman buildings using the gym hall equipment!  

Having built up our appetite we headed to the school dining hall to feast on our Roman banquet.  The children enjoyed olives, chicken skewers and honey sweetened cakes just as they did in Ancient Rome!

In the afternoon we worked individually or in small groups to create a model of a Roman building.  We used; lego, k’nex, kapla, 3D blocks, magnetic shapes and connecting blocks to create some of the fantastic Roman buildings we have been learning about this term including; Roman forts, domus’, insulae, hippodromes, colosseums, villas and mud huts.  Emperor Taylor came to judge our creations and awarded medals to the three best buildings from each class.  

Well done to everyone for a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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