Form 4 visit Cramond Kirk

Form 4 visit Cramond Kirk

Learning all about the Church

On Wednesday 12th May, with a fortunate break in rain, the Form 4s walked the short trip to Cramond Kirk, where they were greeted by the Rev. Ian Gilmour.  He began by talking about the graveyards and the Roman history of Cramond, showing us the ruins of the fort.  He then pointed out the sundial that is located on the side of the kirk before taking us inside.  He asked the Forms 4s to spot the differences between their houses and this kirk, being the house of God; there were quite a few!  He talked about the pews, the altar, the stained glass windows (and their depictions of the saints) as well as the pulpit and how it was used to teach the congregation about the messages from the Bible.  They also completed an acrostic poem of "CRAMOND" and found out that Cramond comes from the Welsh "Caer Amon"!  An interesting insight into the local history so thank you, Rev. Gilmour!  

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