1stXV beat Ardvreck

Lots of tires to end the first half of the season!

1stXV beat Ardvreck

So the first half of the season comes to an end and although we have not really been tested so far, I have been so pleased with the way in which we have put our systems in to place, embedding them so that we are prepared for the considerable challenges that will come our way after half term when we face our biggest tests with eight huge fixtures where we will need to perform at our very best. Seeing how hard we have worked as a group in practice sessions, when the competition has often been fiercer than in the matches we have played, has shown Mr Stephen and myself that we are in a really good place as a group, with real competition for places which is spurring everyone on to playing at their top level and the rugby we are producing has been very special indeed, and today was no different.

So to today’s one sided encounter played in the sunshine up in Crieff where it was lovely to see our old friends once again. To be honest, the game was over as a contest after the first few minutes as we looked after the ball, dominated the breakdowns winning countless turnovers through excellent jackling, and then used our pace and power in the backs to move the ball in to the wide channels and created lots of scoring opportunities which we took. We off loaded fantastically, ran great support lines, moved the ball through the hands quickly and the patterns of play we produced makes me hugely excited for the much bigger challenges that we shall face in November.

We ran in countless tries and the final score was irrelevant, but the best part of the match was the final 15 minutes when we only had 6 or 7 players on the pitch which really tested our defensive organisation and decision making when up against 13; to see boys putting their bodies on the line time and time again, making huge defensive tackles and then winning the ball and scoring tries through wonderful support play and lines of running was fantastic. The last six standing could hardly drag themselves off the pitch at the end having run themselves to a standstill, and the commitment they showed and their unwavering desire to compete and still score tries even when against 13 men, said a lot about us as a squad.

We have put firm foundations in to place and this team has the potential to do something very special after half term, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how we perform on the big stage. It promises to be very exciting indeed. Very well done, boys, and have a good half term!

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