Literacy and Numeracy in the Nursery

Literacy and Numeracy in the Nursery

Building solid foundations

In nursery, literacy and numeracy form key areas of learning for the children. We follow the Curriculum for Excellence (Early Level) which provides the key learning outcomes for each of the children. Staff track progress against these outcomes and monitor next steps and individual progress. Observations are then uploaded on to each child's e-learning journal with photographic or video evidence to share with parents. Parents are welcome to comment or upload any activities which they have done at home which might link of extend the child's learning. A couple of examples of observations in learning journals below:

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The children develop a wide range of language and literacy skills including; extending and expanding their speech and language, comprehension and understanding, name writing, environmental text awareness, letter formations, listening skills and mark making. Similarly, there are a wider range of numeracy skills the children are developing in nursery; numeral recognition, number formation, one to one counting, recognising, ordering, sequencing and counting numerals, identifying and counting quantities in various ways, sizing and learning about numicon. Progress against all of these areas are supported and tracked throughout their time in nursery with regular updates to parents via termly parent/teacher meetings.

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