U13A Rounders beat Loretto

A super display of rounders!

U13A Rounder v Loretto

20 – 9

Today marked the first rounders game of the season. With the sun shining our U13A squad took to the field; Rounders Captain Lucy and Vice-Captain Mariella, Venetia, Scarlett, Tunrayo, Esme, Maddie, Isabella B, Lottie, Mariella and Annika.

The game started with a strong combination of Lottie bowling, Scarlett back stop, Maddie 1st base, Venetia on 2nd and Mariella on 3rd. The girls communicated well to pass the ball to the bases that Loretto were running too. The girls gradually knocked out all Loretto players before 30 good balls were taken in the first innings with Loretto scoring 2.5 points.

It was then the girls turn to bat, the team were led off strong with Venetia, Lucy, Tunrayo all scoring ½ and Scarlett, Isabella and Mariella all scoring a home runs, this continued throughout the inning with 6 more home runs being scored finishing the first inning on 11 points.

Back in the field we came up against Loretto that came back fighting hard with very consistent batting and running. This challenged our outfielders more with Lucy, Annika, Esme Tunrayo having to stop high and rolling balls. They did this well holding Loretto back from scoring points on 2nd base. This time Loretto had all 30 good balls resulting in 1 ½ points.

Back in the bat we again came out hard with consistent hitting. Contact on the ball was hard which pushed the ball into Loretto’s outfield. The girls ran fast and challenged the fielding managing to steal bases and gaining many ½ points by getting to 2nd base. This continued throughout the whole batting order. The final inning scoring 9 points.

The team played very well with excellent communication, fast running, great tactics and excellent attitudes, Well done. The overall player of the match was Lucy gaining the highest number of individual points - 4!

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