Form 5 Camp

Form 5 Camp

What a great weekend!

9540016f 8295 4dfa ac0b 5c40be31f951This weekend, Form 5 headed up to Belmont Activity Centre, near Meigle, for a weekend of fun and adventure. We arrived on Friday evening, made up our beds and then had a delicious dinner of mac and cheese or chicken risotto, followed by a big slice of cake. During the evening, the children took part in an activity call 'nightline' which in involved following an obstacle course blindfolded; the children showed lots of excellent teamwork and communication.On Saturday, we spent the day at Backwater Reservoir canoeing and hill-walking; whilst on the walk, we learned about some of the lichens found in the highlands, including Devils Matchsticks and Pixie Cups. We finished the afternoon with a quick swim in the reservoir before heading back to the centre for dinner. After dinner, we played Capture the Flag and then made smores on the campfire!On our final day, we channelled our inner Merida/Robin Hood and practiced archery, before challenging ourselves on the Leap of Faith and Crate Stacking. A fun and action-packed weekend!

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