U10/U9 Rounders lost to St Mary's

Well. played, girls!

What a lovely afternoon we had down at St. Mary’s in Melrose. The sun was shining and it was a perfect day for an U9/U10 game of Rounders.

The team, made up of; Florence, Lily, Clara B, Alice, Glory, Clara H, Lucia and Praise, were first up to bat. The match started with a fantastic rounder from Florence and throughout the match, Praise scored another. There were some half rounders scored by Alice, Clara H and Praise, but St Mary’s fielding was strong and they managed to get a couple of our girls out at 4th base.

Clara was a fantastic bowler for Cargilfield and worked really well alongside Glory and Florence, who both played backstop.

Overall, it was a really tight game, with St. Mary’s beating us by half a rounder!

Well done, everyone!

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