P2 perform 'The Giant Slayer'

P2 perform 'The Giant Slayer'

What a fabulous performance!

P2 performing the musical “The Giant Slayer”

A review from the audience.......“The excitement was almost tangible in the chapel with parents and children filing in and looking at the awesome backdrop taking us back a thousand years to the time of the Philistines and Israelites.The play opens out in the field where David is tending his sheep and practising his slingshot skills just in case a bear or wolf appeared. The first song ‘Only a lad called David’ was sung beautifully and all well in tune. The audience could see that they were in for a treat. We then enter David’s house where his intrepid brothers are preparing to go to war. Their doting mother is checking they have their toothbrushes and undies much to the boys’ embarrassment. Their father Jesse bids them farewell as they depart for the battlefield.

We are then introduced to the Israeli army suitably attired in their armour, shields and swords and helmets all intricately made from plastic, cardboard, tape, and papier mache. No one was goingto mess with them! There was one slight problem though ...flipping to the Philistine camp we could see that they had a secret weapon. And in scene 5 the song ‘Goliath’s threat’ told us that this one soldier could take on a whole army. All of a sudden, theIsraelis were less than keen to fight and in scene 6 they sang “We’ve all had enough”. Thank goodness for the narrators who kept us up to date with the story which gradually gained pace until Goliath appeared.The girls danced a routine with glittery pompoms and swooned when Goliath came into view booming his threats, daring anyone to come out and fight him. Oh no! who could stand up to him. Up steps David. Yes, a simple shepherd. In scene 7 he sings a beautiful solo, “I know you are here beside me” taking courage from God. But will He protect him? The tension is building. Surely, he cannot survive? In scene 9, on the battlefield, the children sing two songs “Five little stones” and “Zing, Ping, Thud”. That says it all, and Goliath was on the floor. “Good old David” was the final song. The audience were in raptures calling for an encore, and they were not disappointed. The children sang a reprise while taking their bows. Well done to all the children whose hard work paid off. For many it was the first time on a stage after Covid, and it is sure to stay in their memory. Well done, P2, as Mr Taylor said. “First Cargilfield chapel, next the West End or Edinburgh fringe. Who knows?”

A production like this cannot go ahead without the dedicated work of Mrs Quayle and Mrs Spencer. It takes many hours of work in and out of school time in order to put this together.Many thanks to them.”


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