U12A and B Girls' Cricket v MES

Lots of super cricket!

U12A & B Cricket v MES

A very windy but sunny trip to Mary Erskine with the U12A&B’s girls Cricket Teams. MES and Cargilfield were very evenly matched with both hitting and fielding teams. The girls had the opportunity to play both teams giving them a lot of opportunities to practice their skills.


In our first game Isla G (Capt) and Beatrice started batting. It took the first over for the girls to make contact with the ball and start getting into the swing of things. MES managed to get a wicket.

Valentina and Savanna then came up in the 3rd over to work as a fantastic pair with Valentina scoring 15 runs. After we had all batted we came out to the field where the girls bowling stated strong and Isla G got 2 wickets. MES had some good strong batters hitting several beyond the boundaries for 4’s. The girls need to help each other out to relay and back up the balls but worked well as a team to stop MES from scoring too many runs.

Final Score Cargilfield 253, MES 229

In our second game we kept our same pairs and the girls started in the field, they were on fire holding the batters with 3 wickets in the first 2 overs. The girls continued with some consistent fielding and bowling by Emilia and Gabriella, Isla and Julia all to a strong MES team.

Isla and Bea started the batting off well with 4 balls being hit out of the boundary line. The batting continued steady with Gabriella and Emilia, Julia, Isla. The team played well and started to really get in to the swing of the game.

Final Score Cargilfield 240, MES 245


In our first match Tessa and Lexie were up to bat first. It took a wee while to get going but Lexie batted well until the bowler took her wicket. Amalia and Beth added to the total runs with Beth getting a 4 and then later on in the innings Lyla got another 4. Our fielding was good especially around the boundary but our opposition were a little stronger. Our bowling was steady but we only managed 1 wicket to MES’ 5 wickets.

Final score Cargilfield 212, MES 241

In our second match our bowling was a little stronger. Tessa managed to stop the bowler scoring at all when she was bowling. Amalia also managed a fantastic catch. Hattie took 2 wickets and Lyla and Beth both took one each. Our batting remained steady but we found it difficult to put the power behind our hits and get them to the boundary. However, overall, we were the stronger team.

Final score Cargilfield 224, MES 220

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