U13B Girls Cricket beat Ardvreck

An excellent first summer of cricket!

Last Cricket game of the season and our U13 girls B team enjoyed playing at home against Ardvrek. The girls won the coin toss and started in the field. Our bowling and batting pairs:

Emilia & Miranda

Lily & Beatrice

Julia & Jessica

Lyla & Sophia

Aurelia & Amenah

Lara & Amalia

The girls started off strong with Emilia and Miranda bowling really well to get 6 Wickets with Ardvrek finishing on 188. Julia and Jess also stepped up with some great bowling getting 5 wickets. Lara and Amalia has kept Ardvrek from scoring more runs with their fast bowling making it hard to hit the ball. All our pairs worked really well and put in some great bowling. Ardvreks became more consistent with their batting and seeing opportunities to score runs they grabbed them.

It was then our turn in the bats. Keeping the same batting order we discussed taking every opportunity to hit the ball and to communicate with our partner when running. This was especially evident when Aurelia and Amenah stepped up with Amenah talking a lot and making sure she and Aurelia were working as a team. Jess and Julia were very successful in the bat hitting several 4’s and well as a Jess scoring the teams only 6, finishing with a score of 42. Lily and Bea made some great run scoring 37. Lyla and Sophia put in a tremendous performance working together and taking every opportunity to hit the ball.

Well done all, on a great win!

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