U9 Hockey v Fettes

Keep working hard and improving!

Cargilfield U9 were split into two teams, with 5 playing at any one time. We played 4 x 8 minute intervals so that we could rotate with three subs.

In Team 1, Fettes got off to a strong start with five goals after two intervals. However, this score spurred Cargilfield on and despite an injury from Eleora, Cargilfield were able to step up their game. With some super defence work and a goal from Georgia, we felt like we were beginning to close the gap. Imaan, Minty and Charlotte made some excellent passes, with Thandie working hard in defence. Serena and Polly worked well but despite their best efforts, Fettes scored a further two goals.

Final score: Fettes 7 Cargilfield 1

In Team 2, it was a strong start from Cargilfield, with three goals scored within the first interval. Maria was fantastic in defence and the team work by our players was clear. In the second interval, Izzi was in defence but had a tough time trying to stop Fettes’ persistent attackers. She kept going and although Fettes scored three goals, she didn’t let it deter her. In the third interval, with Cargilfield currently on four goals, Jed pushed it to five with a sneaky goal that inched past the goal cones; everyone was chuffed. With excellent team work from Esme, Emilie and Agustina, Fettes continued to have all their goal attempts thwarted. Anastasia was feisty in getting stuck in and Isobel found plenty of space to support her team mates.

All in all, both teams can be very proud of their efforts so well done!

Final score: Fettes 4 Cargilfield 6

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