U13 Hockey at Fettes Tournament

A tough afternoon in the rain!

U13 Hockey Fettes Tournament

Cargilfield's first hockey team faced challenging conditions at Fettes, battling through rain and wind during their seven-game tournament. The day was marked by a mix of results, with Cargilfield managing to secure 2 wins, 2 draws, and facing 3 losses. Despite the efforts, the team struggled to find their rhythm, experiencing difficulties in teamwork and basic skills. The lack of communication and cohesion on the field highlighted areas for improvement.

Looking ahead, Cargilfield recognizes the need for enhanced teamwork and communication. The upcoming weeks present an opportunity for the team to refine their skills and strategies before an upcoming tour. Despite the challenges, individual players such as Valentina, Emily, and Scarlett showcased commendable efforts. Miranda, in particular, stood out, contributing significantly with her impressive goal-scoring abilities.

The tournament served as a valuable learning experience, emphasizing the importance of consistent teamwork and effective communication. Cargilfield remains determined to refine their performance and strengthen their cohesion as a team in preparation for future competitions.

Under 13 Fettes tournament

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