U10 Netball drew with Edinburgh Academy

Well done, girls!

U10 Netball v Edinburgh Academy

Drew 2 – 2

On a bright and crisp February afternoon, we were delighted to welcome the Edinburgh Academy. We played a match of three quarters, swapping teams after two quarters.

Cargilfield started slowly with some sloppy play in which we gave away the ball frequently and didn’t really look like scoring. By the second quarter, however, we had sharpened our performance with players making more effort to get into space to receive a pass and taking more care of possession.

Georgia was dynamic across the court and linked especially well with Emilie, Minty and Isabelle. As a result, we started to create more chances and got on to the scoresheet. Emilie’s shooting technique was strong.

Isobel, Polly and Charlotte all made good contributions to a team effort and worked hard at marking their opponent more effectively.

The Player of the Match was Katherine who was dynamic at Goal Keeper and restricted the opportunities for the opposition as well as distributing effectively from the back.

Well done to all the girls on a competitive performance and their progress across the match.

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