Getting to grips with tricky spellings!

Getting to grips with tricky spellings!

A few tips and tricks to help you!

Getting to Grips with Tricky Spellings

It's definately defnetly has certainly got to be one of the most misspelt words - definitely. However, by the time you've read this you'll definitely never misspell it again!

But how DO you learn those words that refuse to be learnt?

Don't rely on sound alone. Depending on your accent, definitely might sound a bit like "def-nut-lee". In fact, you really can't hear how that vowel between n and t is spelt, so that's not going to help. Going on sound alone it could be a, e, i, o or u. So try more than one way to remember the word. At least one of them will work for you. If you can use more than one of these methods, you can check that you're right. Here are some suggestions to remember the spelling of definitely.

1. Build it up. This is my favourite way (and how I personally learnt to spell definitely).

finite (easy to spell)

de + finite = definite

definite + ly = definitely

2. Think about the error you usually make (people often write this word with an 'a') and drop it!

There's definitely no 'a' in definitely.

3) Look at the pattern and the shape of the vowels in the word.



4) How many words can you find within the word definitely? The letters must be consecutive not anagrams. So, fin is fine but fit isn't.


5) Relate part of the spelling to part of another word that you can spell.

I've definitely finished


6) Colour your vowels by choosing a colour where the names of the letters sound like the colours.

a - grey

e - green

i - bright red

o - yellow

u - blue


Then write the word:


7) Finally check you've got it. Hide the word, write and check it.


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