1st Rounders at Kilgraston Tournament

1st Rounders at Kilgraston Tournament

A lovely afternoon of sport!

The 1st girls spent a lovely afternoon at what turned out to be a dry and sunny Kilgraston, for their annual rounders tournament. Frustratingly, this was probably the closest we have been for a few years to winning however we were pipped at the post. The matches were only 8 minutes long so we knew we had no time to spare.
Our first match was against Ardvreck and Calliope won the toss and chose to field first. Ardvreck struggled to score and we fielded particularly well. Ellie put out one of their players at first on ball 5 and Amelia quickly put out a 2nd player with a catch on ball 7. Iris made a lovely catch on ball 10 and Ellie put out 2 more players at post 2. We stepped in to bat and it was clear from the outset that our batting was going to be good. Sophie scored 3, Amelia, Rosie and Suzanne scored 1 each, Esme scored 1 ½ and Fiona scored a half. The girls looked like they enjoyed this match and was a great start to the tournament.
Cargilfield 9 ½ Ardvreck 2 ½

We played Strathallan next which is always a tough game as their girls can usually hit the ball well. We batted first this time and a magnificent scoreline soon appeared with Fiona, Sophie, Amelia, Calliope and Esme all scoring whole rounders from their first bats. Rosie brought the score line up with 2 half rounders. Our fielding was once again very good and Ellie stumped out their first player on ball one and Sophie stumped out another player at post 4 on ball 2. Suzanne made a lovely catch behind on ball 12 and again later in the match. Suzanne had her wits about her and she quickly threw the ball to Sophie at post 3 who stumped out their player. The Strathallan girls were all out before the end of the 8 minutes and we won this game 6-3.
Cargilfield 6 Strathallan 3

Our toughest game followed next against Fettes; Fettes batted first and were, as predicted, strong. Suzanne and Amelia worked well and put out a player at first on ball 3, and for a while we really held our own. Iris made another good catch and Ellie put out 3 players at post 2 but they kept scoring half rounders which really racked up. We knew we had to score well to keep us in the game but we found it hard to get to 2nd post to score the all-important half rounders. A rounder from Amelia early on was a good start and further half rounders from Fiona, Suzanne and Iris kept us in the game. Katie, Suzanne and Fiona all scored sound whole rounders which for a while, looked like might be enough however too many backwards hits early on cost us time which then cost us the match. A very tight match which could have gone either way.
Cargilfield 5 ½ Fettes 7 ½

Our last match was against Loretto who batted first. We were still focused and managed to keep our positions well on the field, limiting their scoring to 2 ½. After the disappointment of the Fettes match, it was great to see the girls still fired up and keen to score and we recorded a total of 9 rounders; ½ from Fiona, 3 from Sophie, 1 from Amelia, 1 from Suzanne, 1 ½ from Ellie, ½ from Iris and 1 ½ from Esme. This was obviously more than enough for the win and a lovely way to end the group matches.
Cargilfield 9 Loretto 2 ½

We finished the group in second place but with the final just being the winners of the 2 groups then our playing time was over however we enjoyed watching a great final between Fettes and Belhaven, with a burger from the BBQ. Well done to Belhaven who won the final.

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