2nd Rounders v Fettes

2nd Rounders v Fettes

An enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine!

We were up first to bat and were lucky that it took the Fettes bowler a little while to find her stride allowing us to benefit from a few no balls whilst we found our feet. We were very gutsy today but Fettes were the stronger side. We really need to work on our batting although we have made massive improvements in our fielding. I was really pleased to see that the girls worked well as a team and communicating with each other. Some of our fielding was superb. Calia worked well stopping balls in the deep with a long barrier and getting them into second and third base. Clemmie was absolutely tremendous and caught not one but two high balls far in the Deep off third putting their players out.

Where we fell down was that if we didn’t make contact with the ball when batting then the fast hands of the Fettes backstop got the ball rather quickly to their first post stumping a lot of our girls out. In the first innings we were all out for 18 balls and in the second 28.

Although this was a victory for Fettes I was very pleased with the ways the girls played. We have work to do but our fielding has come on such a lot since our first match. There is a lot to be pleased with.
Final score Fettes 14, Cargilfield 4 1/2

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