U9 Rounders v Fettes

U9 Rounders v Fettes

Junior girls first rounders match!

This was the under 9s first rounders fixture this year and there was much excitement. The B team played on the preprep astro with Hannah and Miss Ogilvie. The A team fielded first on the headmaster’s lawn and Lottie bowled very well giving away no half rounders for no balls. The high standard of bowling also meant that Fettes got through 20 good balls very quickly. Flora was their best hitter scoring 1 ½ rounders and we held them to 4 rounders for their first innings. I was delighted that we managed to get three girls out, Lottie stumping two girls out at third and Judith getting a girl out at second. When we went into bat we started well with Anna scoring a rounder and then two further half rounders. Judith and Saskia also scored full rounders and Lottie, Isabella and Lyla scored half rounders. Anna and Saskia were hitting particularly well. Poor Judith just missed out on a rounder getting stumped at 4th. We had scored 7 rounders and were in the lead! Fettes came back into bat and looked strong, with Flora and Ellie playing particularly well. However we again managed to get three girls out and Fettes were only able to score 5 ½ rounders. We only had three rounders to get to win!

Well we played with confidence, scoring four whole rounders off the first five balls and a fantastic 10 rounders for all 20 balls. Lottie, Anna and Amelia were the high scorers in this innings. The game finished in a victory to Cargilfield 17 rounders to 9 ½. Well done, girls! Whilst we do need to sharpen up our fielding we had performed very well for our first match.

The B team had a very close match against Fettes B, scoring a large number of rounders and finishing in a 22:22 draw. The girls batted very well, hitting the ball more consistently than Fettes. Fettes however had the upper hand with their fielding. We did start to get a better idea about strategy and stumping the ball at the post to get the runners out. Lola and Mariella did great jobs as bowler and backstop respectively. Sofia was a strong outfielder very quickly learning to roll the ball to the girls on the post. Annika and Amalia successfully stumped two girls. Beatrice and Rowan were the top scorers but Amalia, Amenah and Emilia were unfortunately stumped out. We do need to learn to look carefully before running. Both teams also need to work on their catching, particularly high balls. At times we looked afraid of the ball! Good effort, however and we are all looking forward to our next match!

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