1st Girls lose in the Final at Loretto Tournament

1st Girls lose in the Final at Loretto Tournament

Running Penalties decide the winners!

The 1st Girls played in the annual Loretto 7’s tournament today and from the first minute, it was clear it was going to be a successful day.

Our first match was against Gullane Hockey Club; a bit of an unknown identity. Strangely, Gullane played without a goal keeper all match, however their defence was strong so the ball rarely travelled in to their circle. They were strong on the attack but they also could not penetrate our defence, and the game was largely played out in between the 2 midfields. We lacked a little strength at times on the ball but improved as the short game went on.
Cargilfield 0 Gullane Hockey Club 0

Our next match was against Belhaven. Belhaven started strongly and tested our defence. Amy played well and kept Belhaven out the goal. We managed to get the ball away and it was during one of these clearances that our first goal came from. Ellie played a lovely ball wide to Saphira who was greeted by a fairly empty D, and she turned, shot hard and scored our first goal. Spirits were at long last a little higher and we had a new spring in our step. Izzy broke away on the left and got the ball on her reverse then stuck it; I’m not sure who was more surprised – Izzy or the goal keeper – but the ball rocketed in to the top corner of the goal for what must surely be goal of the tournament. We kept the pressure on and won a short corner but didn’t manage to score from it. With the time ticking on, we lost a short corner however Ellie cleared it wide and the match ended as a win to Cargilfield.
Cargilfield 2 Belhaven 0

We played Loretto B after lunch and won this match comfortably. It was a good match to regroup a bit and gave the girls the boost they needed before the semi final. Sophie drove hard in to the D and scored a lovely goal after only 1 minute 30. We kept the pressure on and Sophie had another shot at goal which bounced off the post. Flora was on the ball (literally!) and took the rebound and scored neatly from that. Emma L was strong in this match and a good ball through from her fell to Sophie’s stick, and it was her turn to show off her reverse stick skills and she struck the ball sweetly on her reverse, straight in to the goal.
Cargilfield 4 Loretto B 0

Our run of success saw us finish top of our group and we were placed in to the main Cup semi final against Loretto. We looked a confident team from the start and Sophie piled on the pressure from the first minute. Saphira got on the end of a good pass from Sophie and scored the opening goal. Katie worked well in this match, trying hard to keep our shape and playing lovely and wide. Ellie moved well with the ball in this match and she found Flora who drove in to the D and had an early shot at goal which resulted in a well-deserved goal.
Cargilfield 2 Loretto 0

The final was against St Mary’s who we had beaten earlier in the week. We were caught sleeping a bit at the start and St Mary’s quickly scored against us. Saphira pressured the goal well and was unlucky not to score however we won a couple of short corners and managed to score from our second one. With the score at 1-1, neither team could break through, and despite a last minute run from Ellie who played the ball well in to the D, the game finished 1-1 and the dreaded running penalties beckoned.

Sophie stepped up to take the first one and ran well, dragging the ball nicely to the right and slotting it past the keeper. St Mary’s replied with a goal and Izzy then took her one, and also dragged it right and scored in the corner. Amy made a good save and Amelia scored her one. St Mary’s scored 2 more and with the scores tied up in til the last penalty, St Mary’s scored their final one which ended the running penalties. The girls were disappointed; losing on running penalties is never easy but I was very proud of the way they held their heads high and remained dignified in defeat. Well done to St Mary’s and thank you to Loretto for another great tournament.

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