U11A girls at the IAPS Qualifiers

U11A girls at the IAPS Qualifiers

Girls come 2nd after a great day!

U11 Girl’s Hockey IAPS Scottish Qualifiers at Fettes


Game 1 – Cargilfield v Sedbergh (won 2-1)

We were lucky that as soon as the first whistle blew the sun started to shine. The girls managed to get a short corner very early on in play and used it to their advantage. Poppy scored but the girls generally needed to be much stronger in the D to score more goals. As soon as Anna came on the pitch to play she had a chance to score, but needed to be ready in the D and not miss passes. Katinka and Clemmie used some excellent team work to pass the ball down the side of the pitch, getting it into the D to give Anna the opportunity to score, which she used! Poppy tried incredibly hard to shoot again in the last few minutes of the game, using every opportunity she could. The girls could have scored several more goals but needed to be stronger in their passes to stop the opposition scoring and intercepting. A good first win and the girls were straight onto their next game.


Game 2 – Cargilfield v Fettes (lost 1-0)

The girls were tired from their first match, which was evident throughout this game. There was an element of panic from the girls as they hadn’t played Fettes yet this term. The girls got into Fettes D early on in the game but didn’t score – they needed to hit the ball harder. Fettes quickly gained possession of the ball and tried to score but Valentina made some great saves! Fettes gained 4 short corners due to Cargilfield panic hitting the ball in the D. Issy needed to slow down and think about where she was hitting the ball. Fettes scored with a really strong hit from the top of the D and Cargilfield tried to fight back in the last few minutes but needed to be stronger. The girls had a well-deserved break at the end of this match to re-fuel.

Game 3 – Cargilfield v St Mary’s (lost 1-0)

This was a great game, a real nail biter! Clara tried to score twice but once it came off the post and then the other was scored using her back stick so didn’t count. Cargilfield managed to get a short corner early on the game but didn’t take full advantage of the chance to score, despite their best efforts. Clemmie worked hard to play down the side of the pitch and brought the ball up into St Mary’s D several times using her strong and effective hits. The girls played strong in defence and worked brilliantly to stop more than one goal being scored by St Mary’s. An unfortunate loss at the end of this game.


Game 4 – Cargilfield v Newcastle GS (won 4-1)

The girls played a strong game and used the opportunity to score using the short corner they gained early on. Clemmie and Katinka worked brilliantly together, successfully passing and being strong in the D. Katinka then set up another lovely goal for Venetia to score. Unfortunately the girls became slightly complacent, allowing Royal Grammar to dribble quickly down the middle of the pitch and score. However, the girls fought back – Venetia passed the ball succesfully as Anna was waiting by the goal, ready to shoot. A good end to the game.


Games 5 – Cargilfield v Craigclowan (won 3-0)

The girls went onto the pitch feeling good about this game as they had already played Craigclowan this season and had won. However, the girls knew they had to give it their all as it was their final game. Poppy tried to score early on in the game but marginally missed! This didn’t stop her trying though as she scored later on in the game down to determination. This was quickly followed by Katinka, who scored two further goals. The final goal was a cracker; scored by Josephine in a short corner as the whistle blew.

Overall, the girls had a great day and enjoyed getting their medals for coming second in the tournament. St Mary’s won, with Fettes coming third. Thank you for your hospitality Fettes.



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