2nd Netball v Loretto and St Mary's

2nd Netball v Loretto and St Mary's

Some super play in the sunshine!

The sun was actually blazing down as we took to the court for our first match against Loretto. Issy took control directing play from the Centre and our shooters. Laura and Clemmie worked well together and Saphira was on hand to take a pass back and feed it back in. Ob the wings Flora and Alannahs court coverage was amazing and they were well supported by our defence. We dominated this game from the start and ended with an impressive result.

Final score Cargilfield 10, Loretto 2

We were aware from our last fixture that St Mary's were possibly a more formidable opposition and although we were tired having just played against Loretto we hit st marys hard. The girls were supeeb and this was probably the best netball I have seen them play all term. By the end of the first half we were 7-1 ahead. However, in the second half we bagan to tire. St Mary's were relentless in their attack and despite the best efforts of Calia, Rosanna and Flora the steadily equalled the score.

Final score 8 all draw

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