U11A, B and C Girls all win!

U11A, B and C Girls all win!

Some terrific netball on show!

U11As Netball vs. Bellhaven

The U11As are getting ready for the tour and welcomed Charlotte as our GK and captain this week. With an incredible start from Cargilfield we dominated the first half with great movement from the team when we were on the attack. Clemmie (player of the match) was unstoppable as GA and we were 17-2 up in the first half. With a change in positions the team showed how skilled they were as players and we managed to win 21-3.

U11Cs Netball vs. Bellhaven

The teams were well matched this week and the game started with 2 all in the first third. However after a team talk the attacking girls were able to get into better space and soon the ball was moving up to the shooting end with great shots from both Matilda and Arya (Captain). We gained the lead and the defence did amazingly to defend it. Particular mention goes to Famike (player of the match) who did some great interceptions. Final score 8-3 to Cargilfield.

U11Bs Netball vs. Cramond

The U11Bs had a difficult start with the Cramond girls on top form in the first quarter and we struggled to get into space. However the girls then focused and had a great strategy in the second quarter which meant the ball was moving better thanks to Cara (player of the match), Georgia and Valentina. Amenah did some fantastic shooting and we were soon in the lead. The defence, Cicely, Lulu and Francesca intercepted continuously and prevented cramond from scoring. The final score was a win to Cargilfield 17-8.

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