U9 Girls score lots of goals!

U9 Girls score lots of goals!

Lots to learn, but improving!

U9 As V St Mary’s

The A team played a reduced size team of six girls against St Mary’s. We lost the pass and St Mary’s took the centre pass. We had been working hard on maintaining our positions and the initial play was quite good with passes going nicely between the girls, and girls running ahead to be in good positions to receive the ball. Savannah, Bella and Isla were working well together. Unfortunately, we were out skilled by some of the St Mary’s girls who won the ball back quickly and then moved it down the pitch at speed.  Too often we were slow to tackle and watched passively. We need to keep up or efforts at all times especially if we think someone is better than us. Savannah and Bella did manage to score goals however but St Mary’s were strong, slotting in five good goals in the first half. 

I was pleased with our play in the second half; we put some better play together and the switching of Valentina to defender and Emilia to midfield worked well. When Savannah moved forward we scored again and the match suddenly got much closer. Unfortunately, our defenders had their backs to the ball at one point allowing an easy goal and despite our best efforts we were beaten 8:6. Our goals came from Savanah and Bella. Good effort girls, we need to keep working on our fitness and our positioning and remember to tackle.

Final score Cargilfield 6, St Mary’s 8

U9 B V St Mary’s

It was with a changed line up that the B team faced St Mary’s this afternoon.

Bonnie joined us at Centre with Millie and Emilia on the wings, Gabriel at midfield and Aglaya and Eliza at the back.  The backs had been working extremely hard on their defence with Mrs Mackerron in their training sessions. This was really obvious and their defending today was very good indeed. Eliza held her position well and avoided following the ball which left her well placed to deflect any balls coming form St Mary’s towards the goal. We still tend to cluster around the ball rather than look for space further up the pitch when we have possession. However, this was a convincing performance with goals from Bonnie, Emilia and Millie.

Final score Cargilfield 6, St Mary’s 1

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