U11B Rugby beat St Mary's

U11B Rugby beat St Mary's

An impressive team performance

For many of the boys this was their first home match of the season and for the Under-10s in the group, the appeal of playing Under-11 rules had them chomping at the bit to get started.

After a nervy opening minute which saw Cargilfield lose possession almost immediately, the boys settled down and began to spread the ball wide, exploiting the space on offer there.  They moved the ball across the pitch very neatly, gradually building up momentum until they found the space to score.  The boys also tackled well, pinning St Mary’s back into their own half for much of the match.  Ewan was particularly good at rushing the ball carrier and making the early tackle.  Xander was able to win quite a lot of ball with his ‘jackling’ which provided further opportunities to score.  At half time five players were substituted and the new set of players continued to play an attacking, passing game with the quick feet of Kit and Tom testing the opposition.  Thabo was the outstanding tackler in the second half.

Well done to all the boys for the quality of their rugby and their team spirit.  A well-deserved 8-1 win.

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